Privacy and Cookie Policy


The only data collected about our visitors is used for Google Analytics. All of the IP addresses are anonymized and no User ID information for remarketing and other similar information is collected.

How is information collected?

Information is collected via Google Analytics cookies. Once you arrive on our website, the Google Analytics collects information about the posts you have visited. The “cookie” is what lets us see what pages you have visited while you were on the website.

Why do we use it?

All of the data about our current visitors come from Google Analytics. With this data, we strive to provide a better service to our visitors by creating content specially written for them.

Privacy Policy

The only information we collect is Non-Personally Identifiable Information. This refers to visitor’s on-page behavior.

To go into more details, you can take a look at Google Privacy Policy.

Expect the Policy to be Updated as the website continues to grow and more features are added.